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Testing for STIs

If you think you have an STI or if you’ve had unprotected sex in the past six months, get tested at Clinic 34, Family Planning, doctor or local clinic. Don’t wait and hope the symptoms will disappear – even if signs of an STI go away, the infection can remain in your body and cause long-term health problems.

Remember testing for STIs is really simple;  you do your own sample in the privacy of the clinic toilet!

When should I have a sexual health check?

  • If you have had unsafe sex
  • If you have started a new relationship, and haven’t been using condoms
  • If you have recently ended a relationship
  • If you have genital symptoms such as pain, discharge, itching, etc
  • If you think you might have an STI
    STI Testing - How easy is this?
    Men go to the toilet and collect a urine sample which is then sent for testing.
    Women go to the toilet and take a swab internally, put the swab back in the plastic tube, this is then sent for testing
  • If your partner has recently had an STI
  • If you want information about contraception
  • If you have frequent changes in sexual partners
  • If you have sex with people outside your relationship
  • If you are concerned about any aspect of your sexual health

What happens when you visit a sexual health clinic?

In the NT if you want to go to the clinic it is a good idea to make an appointment, however walk-in services are often available for those who are unable to make an appointment or require urgent attention.

When you first attend a clinic you will be asked some questions about your general health and sexual health. They include personal questions such as your sexual orientation, your sexual practice, number of sexual partners, etc. If you answer these questions honestly, staff will be better able to meet your needs. Your answers are confidential.

When answering questions, it is important to also take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Depending on how many staff work at the clinic you may be able to choose whether you would prefer to see a male or female doctor/nurse.

Sexual history

During a sexual health check you will be asked questions about your sexual history. Your doctor must respect your confidentiality and privacy.

There are a limited number of situations where they can be required to report information, for example if they have serious concerns about you or someone else's safety. These are standard questions that your doctor will ask every patient. While many questions are of a personal nature, it is important to be as honest as you can, as the information you give will help the nurse/doctor to better support your health needs. You can skip any questions you prefer not to answer.

Questions may focus on:

  • Whether you have any obvious physical symptoms
  • Any previous STIs you may have had
  • Sexual behaviour (eg what kind of sex you have had)
  • Relationship history (eg how may partners you've had)
  • Menstrual cycle and contraception (eg how regular your periods are)
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • General questions, if not already known, about your health and medication history.


Where to go for a free test


Clinic 34
87 Mitchell Street Darwin
Ph: (08) 8999 2678
Free and confidential STI/BBV check
No Medicare card is needed

Family Planning
Unit 2 The Clock Tower
Dick Ward Drive
Coconut Grove
Ph: (08) 8948 0144
Every Saturday morning: Youth Clinic

Talking to the nurse at Clinic 34 Darwin

Danila Dilba
36 Knuckey Street
Ph: (08) 8942  3444


Clinic 34
O’Keefe House
Opposite Katherine Hospital
Ph: (08) 8973 9049

Wurliwurlinjang Health Service
25 Third Street
Ph: (08) 8971 0044


Clinic 34
Alice Springs Hospital
Ph: (08) 8951 7549

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Incorporated
Men’s Clinic
25 Gap Road
Alice Springs
Ph: (08) 8951 4444

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
Main Clinic
Men and Women
25 Gap Road
Alice Springs
Ph: (08) 8951 4444

Women’s Clinic
Percy Crt
Alice Springs
Ph: (08) 8953 2727

Unit 5, 5 Hartley Street
Alice Springs


Clinic 34
Tennant Creek Hospital
Ph: (08) 8962 4250

Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation
Davidson Street
Tennant Creek
Ph: (08) 8962 2385

Tennant Creek Hospital
Emergency Department
Schmidt Street
Tennant Creek
Ph: (08) 8962 4399

Royal Flying Doctor Service
Schmidt Street
Tennant Creek
Visiting women’s health GP
2 days each month
Ph: (08) 8962 2622


Clinic 34
Gove District Hospital
Ph: (08) 8987 0356

Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation
1424 Arnhem Road
Free Call 1800 111918